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Postpartum Depression

Are you a new mom struggling day to day with feelings of sadness, fear, worry, and irritability?

Do you feel a sense of hopelessness like you are stuck in this season of life with no idea how to get back to feeling like you again?

Are you experiencing a lack of interest in things you used to enjoy, feeling like you cannot focus or concentrate, and struggling with reoccurring unwanted thoughts?

Or maybe you are a seasoned mom who had not experienced any of these symptoms after previous pregnancies but now do, leaving you feeling confused and worried.

You might even be experiencing guilt and shame for feeling this way when you have a precious newborn that needs your care and attention.

You Are Not Alone

... caring, compassionate postpartum counseling.

You are not alone. Many mothers struggle in these very same ways. Motherhood is a beautiful thing but with it comes a great deal of change. Change in now having someone needing all your attention and depending on you for everything. Change in hormones and lack of sleep as well as stressors surrounding figuring out how to be a parent with no manual telling you exactly what to do. When you add in depressive and anxious symptoms to this already new and challenging season of life, it can become completely overwhelming and may cause you to miss out on enjoying those first months or even first years of motherhood.

Postpartum Depression

When you are in the midst of postpartum depression and anxiety, it can feel difficult to take the next step to reach out for help. It sometimes seems easier to stay isolated, believing that no one else is experiencing this and that other moms seem to have it all together.

If the symptoms listed above 
describe how you are currently feeling or what you are experiencing, I encourage you to not be afraid to ask for help. Counseling is a confidential step you can take to receive support and help in walking through postpartum struggles. You and your counselor can meet individually where you are able to meet one on one to discuss areas of concern and work to set specific goals as you adjust to this new stage in life and embrace who you are as both a mom and an individual.

Another option is to meet with 
your counselor in a group format. Postpartum group counseling consists of a group of 6-8 moms experiencing similar postpartum struggles. A different topic is covered each week with educational and therapeutic tools discussed as well as time to process progress and thoughts on the topic within each session.

If you would like more detailed information about the dates and time of the next group being 
offered, please give me a call or email me at noelneely@bcscounseling.com


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