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Most of us feel sad, lonely or down at times as life ebbs and flows with different circumstances, stressors, and struggles.

However, when these feelings become overwhelming, continue for longer periods of time, and begin to affect our ability to function normally, it is important to stop, take notice, and seek help.

Find Joy

... caring, compassionate counseling for depression

Some things you might notice when struggling with depression are continual feelings of sadness, difficulty concentrating or focusing on a task, or struggling to remember specific details. You might notice you are having trouble making decisions even over little things or that your thoughts and feelings are continually negative lending a noticeably pessimistic outlook.

This can lead to a sense of hopelessness where it seems like everything is going wrong and nothing will ever change or get better. Some other things you might notice are a difference in your sleeping and eating patterns such as difficulty falling asleep, feeling like all you want to do is sleep, noticing a loss in appetite, or turning to food to make you feel better resulting in overeating.


You might be experiencing a loss of interest in things you once enjoyed doing and now feel as if they do not bring you any joy at all. Sometimes depression is seen in physical symptoms as well such as aches, pains, and headaches that do not seem to go away or digestive issues that persist even with treatment. 

If these symptoms describe what you are currently experiencing, I encourage you to reach out and seek help. Counseling provides a safe space to talk about what you are going through and slowly begin to take steps forward in moving out of the downward spiral of clinical depression.

You can meet one on one with a licensed counselor for individual counseling or if you are a mom struggling with depression following the birth of your baby, we offer group counseling for postpartum depression and anxiety. For more information, please call me or email me at noelneely@bcscounseling.com


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