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We all face situations or circumstances in our life that can make us feel worried or anxious but it is when the worrying and anxiety becomes excessive, difficult to manage, and intrudes on our ability to function or causes problems in relationships or work that we need to stop, take notice and seek help.

Be Calm

... caring, compassionate counseling for anxiety

When battling anxiety, you may notice that you feel worried about a number of things in your life and that the worry is occurring more often than not over time.

You might notice that your worry is 
extremely challenging to control and find yourself in a spiral of unwanted anxious thoughts, making it difficult to focus your attention on anything else. You might even acknowledge that some of these fears are excessive and unwarranted but yet cannot seem to shake them.


Other things you might notice when battling anxiety are feelings of restlessness or an inability to relax or rest, which you may also notice when trying to fall asleep or stay asleep at night. You might be tiring easily with low energy and feeling irritable most of the time, which may be noticeable to those around you.

You might notice other physical symptoms such as increased muscle aches or soreness as well as stomach issues including nausea or diarrhea. Seeking help for an anxiety disorder can seem overwhelming when you are already feeling fearful and anxious about what you are currently experiencing.

I want to encourage you that counseling is a safe, confidential place to turn where you will be met with compassion, understanding, and support. You can meet one on one with a licensed counselor to begin working through these anxious symptoms and develop skills and knowledge that will help combat unwanted anxious thoughts.

Another option is group therapy, specifically if you are experiencing an onset of anxiety following the birth of your baby. We offer group counseling for postpartum anxiety and meet weekly for eight weeks.

If you are interested in more information regarding individual counseling or group postpartum counseling, please give us a call or email at noelneely@bcscounseling.com


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